Friday, April 01, 2005

Surveyed & Staked

Friday, April 1

I drove by the lot, after work, to take a pic of the stakes and decided to walk around and figure what stake was for what part of the house..... (man was it muddy!).

My perspective was thrown so completely off by that atv trail someone had plowed down. It's at such a drastic angle to the property that I couldn't figure out what the stakes were really doing until I walked back to the road and looked at the stakes from the roadside view. Then it all made sense. After I figured out what was what, I took a 2nd look at that pine tree I'd like to save.... and I was trilled to see that it looks like the house is at least 15 away. So as long as the route system isn't damaged while they're doing the driveway, that little bugger looks like we can save 'em.

It was fun..... I called Tim from my cell and I said "Guess where I am?"..... telling him that I was talking to him from where our living room would be, was by far, one of the coolest things yet through this whole experience.

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