Friday, April 29, 2005

Kichen and Bath fixtures

Saturday, April 30

As it turns out, Tim and I have expensive tastes, when it comes to plumbing fixtures. Darn.... and we were doing so well on the rest of the house too.

We both like more the contemporary style, and unfortunately, none of the basic models are really our taste. So, we looked around a bit and both targeted right in on this bathroom faucet, by Delta in the Michael Graves Collection. We liked it specifically for the handles. We looove the handles. They're frosted glass... totally ergonomic to the touch and feel like a sand-polished piece of glass, that you'd find on a beach during summer time. A bit out of our price range, but we decided it was worth it for the master bath.

We chose a more contemporary look for the kitchen faucet as well. It too is in the Michael Graves Collection. It will have a soap dispenser, single handle, goose-neck spout and a pull out sprayer. The best thing about it was the nozzle has dual function swivel head aerator that goes from a sharp stream to a shower stream.

In the guest bath, we did get a slight upgrade for more of a modern look, but it was pretty comparable to the basic model. Everything else was pretty basic stuff... 2 basin sink in the kitchen w/ disposal and bathroom tubs.

We did have an interesting time looking a toilets..... I mean.... not really something that I was excited to look at, but for some reason, we debated more over the toilets than the darn faucets.

Tim was having fun.... he wanted me to sit on one in the showroom and I said... "you do it". So we had gone back and forth with... "you do it... no, you do it... no, you do it" for a bit, til Tim asked if i'd sit on one if he did. So... he did. Darn him! So I did. It was a bit odd to sit on a toilet, with water in it, in front of everyone. And... no, no pictures were taken of that :)

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