Friday, April 22, 2005

Upper walls & Trusses

Friday, April 22

The trusses were being craned off the truck, when I drove by the lot on the way to work. The guys waved, when I walked up to the truck. The one said to me, by the time I get out of work, it will be looking more like a house.

I watched them crane off the trusses and lower them onto the ground. At first they just craned a couple, but they did crane a whole bunch all together that was fun to watch. It was quite impressive how much that crane can lift. When it moved the bundle off the truck, we all had gone "whoa", along with chuckles, to the size of the load it was moving through the air.

11:30p -
Mom called me before lunch and told me she'd email me pics of the progress. Her email was titled "Up it goes!!!". In it were 2 pics of the house which showing some of the 2nd floor walls. I wanted to see it in person sooooo badly after I had seen the pics.

Afternoon -
Tim had called me in the afternoon. He had gone over there, with his parents. He said it looks great. He had also picked up a couple of pizza's for the guys. They told him we're spoiling them. He also mentioned to Tim that they like working on smaller houses..... and people with larger houses always seem to just pay for it and pick up the keys, whereas smaller home owners get more involved and like to get to know what's going on, as well as bring them treats :)

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