Thursday, March 29, 2007

Landscaping Plan - Master Plan

Thursday, March 29

After reading, from the Complete Guide to Landscaping, how to develop a Master Plan for landscaping I developed my own master plan. It's basically a copy of the survey, but including measurements of hardscape and plants, that might not have been on the survey.

This is when being a graphic designer comes in handy. I have an inexpensive basic cad program called MacDraft for my Mac that can do basic landscape layouts with measurements.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Landscaping - book, ideas

Wednesday, March 28

One of the things I received for my birthday this year was a book Tim had gotten, off my Amazon wish list, called the Complete Guide to Landscaping by Ortho Books. I have some other gardening books by them that I really liked.

It's a great book... easy to follow. The book teaches how to look at your land and how to plan out landscaping according to the way you want and need on your property. For instance, Tim and I both feel seeding our front yard is a need, as well as a want, so that goes to the top of the list. Tim would like a Chestnut tree and I'd like a Magnolia tree. We both would like an entertainment area in the back yard, like a deck, but the front yard comes first.

Then it teaches how to make a Master Plan based off of the land survey. From that, drawings are made to narrow down the ideas to form planting and hardscape plans. Plantings are obviously plants and tress, while hardscape refers to elements that are constructed, like our stone wall in our circle.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hot water tank - fixed

Tuesday, March 27

Yes..... we have ""hot"" water again! I was so freakn happy.... I had a loooong hot bath. And.... Tim made sure he gave us a receipt, while he was there, stating we we're charged. We've learned the value about getting stuff in writing.

Like I said before, we wouldn't made a big deal out of it, but when it's 20 degrees and you don't have hot water cause someone forgets to order the darn part, that's reason to get upset. But all's good and we have hot water again.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Hot water tank - suppose to fix

Monday, March 26

Well.... surprise... surprise..... the darn technician didn't show up to fix our hot water tank. Tim was pissed to no end after talking to the lady at the warranty place.... it turns out the technician didn't even order the darn part. Tim was fuming and told them that it better be overnighter and he better fix it tomorrow... and we better not be charged for his screw-up.

We agreed we'd be ok if it was warmer, or during the summer, but it's 20 degrees outside and the cold water is unbearable after about 10 seconds.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hot bath

Sunday, March 25

Just a tid bit...... it takes roughly about an hr to heat up about 15 gallons of hot water on the stove using all burns to take a hot bath. Yep.... lugging 5 gallon buckets up the stairs 4 times was defiantly the highlight of my day.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Hot water tank - suppose to fix

Friday, March 23

Well... here we are 5 days later and we still don't have hot water yet. They technician couldn't fit it cause they were out of stock on the darn part. Tim was really irritated.... the jerk charged us anyways, even though he guessed it was the part he didn't have.

He was suppose to either show up today with it or he said he'll do it Monday. He told us he'd have it over-nighted. He didn't show up, so it better be Monday, cause it's in the 20's and doing the heating up water on the stove, to wash, is not our ideal morning routine.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Hot water tank issue

Monday, March 19

Today Tim called Jerry about our hot water tank. John was sent over to check it out. He said to Tim that he hasn't had any issues with this model before. Tim and I had the same thought though.... which was.... well if it'll happen to someone, it seems to happen to us.

John said to try the parts warranty place, since he wasn't sure what the real issue was. It's still under warranty, so we'll try that.

After lots of calls Tim finally got through to someone. It turns out that our parts are under warranty, but hears the catch.... since we don't have perminent occupancy, they won't grant us labor. Isn't that a pisser? Tim was really frustrated with that one, considering we aren't even "officially" living there yet, according to paperwork.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hot water tank issue

Sunday, March 18

So there I was getting ready for bed and noticed that the hot water wasn't getting hot. Tim and I checked out the hot water tank and sure enough, it wasn't hot. I just looked at him and said "You've got to be kidding".

Tomorrow Tim's going to call Jerry, our plumber, and see what he thinks is up with it.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Receiver hookup

Saturday, March 17

So.... after a night to sleep on things, Tim and I had gone back to work trying to figure out why the back speakers on the surround system we just installed. And just as I thought.... it was something really stupid.... the darn surround sound was turned to the off setting. Arrggggg.

Annnyways.... we did get it to work and we did get to watch Narnia on DVD, with surround sound today. And now when we play Gears of War, we can experience the Theron Guards all around us :) ....umm... never mind :)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Receiver hookup

Friday, March 16

Tim emailed me at work today and told me that the receiver arrived. I couldn't wait to get home, but at the same time, I knew we were in for a night of frustration. Hooking up a surround sound is always a headache to configure it just right.

And alas... it was. After I hooked up the speakers, I had switch some of the wire, which I already knew I had to do, cause I was too dumb to label things when we originally installed the wiring almost 2 yrs ago.

After that, it was a matter of hooking all of our other components to it, such as TV, cable, ect. That was Tim's job as I'm not good at that aspect. That just gets me frustrated.

Everything is almost all set up, but we're giving our selves a little break as we frustrated cause we can't get the darn back speakers to work. When we run the sound test, they work, but when we try to use it with the TV, they don't. It's probably something really stupid too.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Speakers hookup

Thursday, March 15

Tim emailed me during the day and told me that the speakers arrived. I was so excited and couldn't wait to get home.

The most time hooking up the speakers were trying to see which darn wire was the "hot" wire. The monster cable makes it obvious, but the other wire I used, going from the outlet to the speaker, I darn near had to put a freakn flash light on it to see the tiny-ass white stripe on the cable to tell them apart.

Other than that, they hooked up just fine. The only labor intensive thing was trying to remember which wire, inside the walls, was for which speaker. I stupidly never made any labels, so I'll have to figure out some of them by trial and error.

Here's the cool thing.... we have always had the perfect spots for the back speakers, which was on the ledge of the Superior Walls. They fit perfectly on that ledge, just as I had envisioned them way back when.

Anyways.... now we just have to wait 'til the receiver shows up, then we can have some kick-butt sounds. I know just which DVD would be my first to watch with surround sound too. My favorite books, as a child, were the Narnia books. I've had the Narnia DVD since last yr, but I chose that to be the first DVD I'd watch, with surround sound :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Installed speaker wall plates

Wednesday, March 14

After work, I shot over to Lowes and picked up some speaker wall plates, before heading home. In between watching TV I hooked up the monster cable wiring to the wall plates. So everything is all set to hook up, when the speakers arrive.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Ordered Receiver & Speakers

Monday, March 12

Thanks to all that contributed to our stereo fund in the last year! After my birthday, we finally had enough to buy our surround system. I ordered it today. Next on the list, before they come, is to finally do something about those holes in the walls and install the speaker wall plates.