Thursday, March 15, 2007

Speakers hookup

Thursday, March 15

Tim emailed me during the day and told me that the speakers arrived. I was so excited and couldn't wait to get home.

The most time hooking up the speakers were trying to see which darn wire was the "hot" wire. The monster cable makes it obvious, but the other wire I used, going from the outlet to the speaker, I darn near had to put a freakn flash light on it to see the tiny-ass white stripe on the cable to tell them apart.

Other than that, they hooked up just fine. The only labor intensive thing was trying to remember which wire, inside the walls, was for which speaker. I stupidly never made any labels, so I'll have to figure out some of them by trial and error.

Here's the cool thing.... we have always had the perfect spots for the back speakers, which was on the ledge of the Superior Walls. They fit perfectly on that ledge, just as I had envisioned them way back when.

Anyways.... now we just have to wait 'til the receiver shows up, then we can have some kick-butt sounds. I know just which DVD would be my first to watch with surround sound too. My favorite books, as a child, were the Narnia books. I've had the Narnia DVD since last yr, but I chose that to be the first DVD I'd watch, with surround sound :)

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