Thursday, September 29, 2005

Married and Back on Track!

Thursday, September 29

Well.... first thing is first..... I'm married! :) Tim and I were married on Sept 10th and had an awesome wedding! The day ended with being carried over the "mudhole".... oops... I meant threshold :) Our house isn't yet complete, but we both had the dream, for the last yr, to be in the house the night of our wedding, and that's just we had done.... saw dust and all. Tim had me close my eyes and when I had opened them, in the midst of all the construction was a totally candle lit great room, complete with a blanket, in front of our fireplace, which we lit for the first time that night. We slept on an inflatable camping bed, in the master bedroom. It was laughable, but fun, cool and memorable.

Anyways..... enough of the mushy stuff.....
Things are finally moving along again with the house. I'll try to back-track, when I get the chance, but until then, I'll sum up....

Our original plumber turned out to be very inexperienced and although no codes were broken, we didn't approve, nor wanted to settled on the job he had done. These issues caused a ripple effect that put everything on hold, including causing rifts b/n us and the Barden independent dealer, who we had been working with.

As a result, we hired a new plumber, Jerry, to redo and fix the original plumbers careless mistakes. We've also hired Jim, a trim carpenter. Both of them are awesome and act very much like foremen and helped us get back on track. The plumbing is almost complete, the kitchen cabinets have been hung, the kitchen was measured for the countertop today and we're about to polyurethane the window and doors. The house looks awesome!