Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Night Photos

Wednesday, May 31

I had some requests of pictures of what the curtains and lighting looks like from the outside. So I decided to take my tripod out at night and snap some night shots.

We'll start at the front entrance and walk around to the back.

There's Tim sitting at his computer :)

Our front door

The back of the garage and house with the back door, kitchen window and sliding glass door.

The sliding glass door (where our deck will eventually go)

Looking up in the back, our master bedroom back window

The side of the house with our master bedroom windows lit

Well... that concludes our night walkabout :)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

European Pine Sawfly

Tuesday, May 30

I was doing some online research on my lunch break and found out what has infested our pine tree. They're called European Pine Sawflyies. They are a type of fly that lays their larvae on pine trees. They're apparently common in souther Ontario, Canada, which is very close to us.

Anyways, the larvae hatch in spring, eat the last years growth, cocoon, hatch into a fly and start the process all over. And I also read that they'll raise their heads and tails in a threatening manner.... which is exactly what they did when TIm and I were inspecting them.

I had taken my printouts to the nearest florist and the first thing the guy asked the pine came from Michigan. Apparently there's a quarantine going on in due to an outbreak of them. But our pine has been on the lot.

Anyways, he looked it up and gave me the pesticide to kill them. So when I got home TIm and I sprayed the tree and surrounding areas. We sprayed the surrounding areas cause yesterday I had the bright idea to knock them off the tree...... apparently that was bad. According to my research they will hatch, even on the ground and still lay the larvae. The best way to get rid of them is to either squish them, before they hatch, or pesticide.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Garage - Baseboard, Hose Reel

Saturday, May 27

Garage Trim....
Today was an I involved my Dad in a project of cut and installing baseboard for the garage. It was a little involved of a project due to the walls having a strip of wood sticking out below the drywall and above the pre-cast Superior Wall base.

Where it was the worst, I cut the strip down, using my handy dandy flush saw, but to do the entire way around would've been crazy, so Dad cut a rabbit (or grove) out of the baseboard to accommodate the strip sticking out.

We had to do a bit of custom work around the spigot. I decided to cut an angle out to kinda match the angles around the house. Then we nailed in place all the boards we had cut, but we still have one wall to go, which we'll have to do when we get the chance later.

The best part was finishing though..... food time. Dad picked up Mom and we all ate a scrumptious barbecue chicken meal Tim cooked up for us.

Hose Reel...
Also today I purchased another great invention for making life easier. A Suncast Swivel Hose Hideaway(R) Hose Reel with Smart TrakTM Hose Guide. This thing is awesome. I bought it from BJ's Wholesale.

Here's the reasons why I love it.... it's durable, it swivels, it has a hose guide that actually works! As I wind, it actually has a guide that moves back and forth, so that the hose isn't just winding in one spot, but distributed evenly along the reel. And... as an added bonus.... it matches the color and vertical look of our siding :)

Friday, May 26, 2006

Pine tree pest invasion

Friday, May 26

Our pour little pine tree just keeps getting abused over and over. Tim and I noticed today that our Helen Keller pine has some sort of bug crawling all over it. They're really creepy looking. They're some sort of worm looking creature that are devouring the needles.

Here's the creepy thing..... when you disturb them, like touching the branch, or blowing on them, they all move and look at you all a once. It's like out of some creepy sci-fi flick. And they are squishy looking. Yuck.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Garage - Painted 3rd coat, cabinets

Thursday, May 25

The first thing I accomplished after I got home, well.. after dinner, was finishing the 3rd coat of the Ruby Ring color on the garage walls,

Then I ended my day with something a little less involved. I assembled another cabinet for the soon to be garage work area. Today, I assembled the cabinet with caster wheels and installed it on the other one I had prior assembled. This will make them a lot easier to work around, with clean up or organizing.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Garage - loft rack oops

Monday, May 22

Last night I learned a valuable lesson..... measuring twice doesn't mean diddly unless all conceivable aspects are measured, not just the obvious ones.

The loft rack, above the garage door, I built worked great, I had 3 of the 4 brackets constructed and put into place. I opened the door and it all looked great. I constructed the last bracket and loaded up the panels I was going to store there and stood in the middle of the garage with a sense of pride.

As I stood there all proud of myself, pressing the garage door opener to pull my car back into the garage, I heard a thud and the garage door closed back down.

I am such the idiot. I measured twice when the door was up...... but I never had taken into account that the door is higher as it flips into position. I was sooooo mad at myself for missing that detail.

So... at midnight I had to disassemble half of it to pull my car back into the garage. argggg. I didn't get done until 2 or so. Oh well.... live and learn. Poop.

So today..... I had taken the rest of it down, cut my 18 inch brackets down to 15 inches. This time I installed the bracket closest to the wall, opened the door and made sure it cleared it. Then I reassembled the rest of the darn thing.

When I was done, I had a much appreciated learning experience that I won't forget the next time I construct something from scratch :)

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Garage - loft rack, cabinet, painted

Saturday, May 20

Loft storage rack...
We have several large pieces of plywood and larger materials left over from construct that I wanted to store out of the way. I've seen loft storage racks for sale, but they don't go up to the size I need... which is 4 foot by 8 foot. So I decided to build my own. And with Tim visiting family I have the perfect opportunity to construct it with his garage space empty.

I started by measuring twice, as my Dad taught me, and started cutting the brackets. I'm constructing out of the brackets used to support door openers. They're easy to use by just cutting them and bolting them together. I constructed the first couple of horizontal supports, then had taken a break, due to realizing I needed a few more supplies.

I gave the window wall it's first coat of ruby ring and the gave the right side wall it's 2nd coat.

Garage Cabinets.....
I decided to assemble the first of 2 lower cabinets I purchased for the garage storage. They're by Husky and were the inspiration of my red walls. When I was searching for cabinets, I decided I liked these and the red accent on them gave me the idea of painting the walls red.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Garage - Cord reel

Friday, May 19

To I purchased one of the best tools yet for our house. I purchased a Bayco Rite-Lite Pro-Series Metal 30' Retractable Tri-Tap Cord Reel. It's freakn awesome. No more tangled cords or rolling up cords. It mounts to the wall or ceiling. I mounted it to the wall and all I do now is pull and use. It's great and worth the 30 bucks to not have to worry about rolling up a cord when I'm done working.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Garage - Painted Ruby Ring

Thursday, May 18

Yeah.... I got to start painting my red walls today. It looks so freakn cool. I love it! Yeah... no more Pepto-Bismo pink :)

Painting with red is definitely interesting. You have to make smooth stokes, go over it and make sure it's smooth, cause the places that has more really shows and builds up, so you don't want to have it think in one area and thin in another. And I now understand why the man at Home Depot said a minimum of 3 coats. It will definitely need 3 coats.

I called up my parents when I was done, so they could check it out. My Mom said that you can see it from the street, with the light being on.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Garage - finished primming for ruby red

Wednesday, May 17

I very excited.... not about the fact that we have Pepto-Bismo pink wall, but tomorrow I can start painting the ruby ring red color, now that I finished the primer on both the walls.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Garage - primmed for ruby ring

Tuesday, May 16

Well.... today I made the garage look like bottle of Pepto-Bismo exploded in it. The primer for the ruby ring color is really pink.... really pink. I just don't know how to feel about this pink.

hmm.... ya know I could've bought a jug of Pepto-Bismo from BJ's.... it would've smelled better than latex paint too :)

On a sidebar..... since we have now have things stored in the garage these days, I tried to use forward thinking and had bought things with wheels or installed wheels on almost everything. Therefore when painting I just wheeled everything to the center and when I was done, wheeled everything back. I'm all about practicality :)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Garage - trimmed for ruby red

Monday, May 15

Originally I had thought I would work on constructing a loft that I wanted to build for extra wood we had, but I couldn't think straight today. My Great Aunt Cynthia had died last week and today was her funeral. I needed to do something to take my mind off of things, but nothing too mind involved.... like measuring stuff.

I decided to trim out the right side wall with the primer for the ruby ring color. Man was this stuff pink.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Garage - painted ceiling, Baby Robins

Sunday, May 14

I was able to paint paint the garage ceiling this morning. It feels so much better in there and not so much like a dinghy space anymore. I can't wait to paint the red..... then it will be a fun space.

When I was finishing up painting, I had the garage door open and I suddenly began to hear lots of tweeting going on over by the pine tree. I was excited to see little baby robins peeking their heads up to get feed. I called Tim outside and we watched a bit while the momma and daddy robins flew back to the nest to feed the little buggers. Never really been a bird person, but there was a little more of a connection now being a homeowner.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Garage - primed ceiling

Saturday, May 13

Today I started bright and early and started to prime the garage ceiling for the pebbled courtyard color. *sigh*.... I had forgotten how much painting a ceiling is a pain in the neck (literally). I am glad to see the drywall go bye bye though.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Garage - Purchased Ruby Ring & primer, trimmed rest of garage

Wednesday, May 10

Today was productive. I purchased my Ruby Ring red color paint and I finished trimming out the rest of the garage with the pebbled courtyard primer.

I had gone to Home Depot to purchase the Ruby Ring color, which is a Behr Paint color. The man behind the paint counter asked me if I had ever painted with red before. I said no and shrugged as I thought to myself "what's the big deal?". The man had gone on to tell me that red is one of the harder colors to paint, due to it's transparency. I thought to myself "um ok". I asked if he could tint the primer for it.

When he brought to primer and paint cans to show me, after mixing them, I was surprised to see the primer was pink. Not any pink.... it was like Pepto-Bismo pink. I just kinda looked at him and he said trust me... this is what Behr recommends as a primer for this color. So I shrugged and had gone on my way.

Well..... now I understand the whole transparent-red and pink primer thing. I painted 2 test spots on the wall. The first one was straight on the drywall and the second was over the primer. The plastered areas showed right through the straight paint area, while the area with the primer, yet lighter, didn't show the plaster. The primer basically evens out the light and dark areas to one tone.

Later on, I trimmed out the rest of the garage for painting the Pebbled Courtyard color for the ceiling and the garage door wall.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Garage - finished shelving

Tuesday, May 9

Today I had the chance to finish installing the wire shelving in the garage. After I installed the shelving I then put all the 16 foot left over pieces of trim, as well as other longer items on the shelves. It was nice to finally get some of those items off the ground and out of the way finally.

I also installed 3 longer uprights near the door so that I can later install a lower shelf so that we might put frequently used items there.