Monday, May 22, 2006

Garage - loft rack oops

Monday, May 22

Last night I learned a valuable lesson..... measuring twice doesn't mean diddly unless all conceivable aspects are measured, not just the obvious ones.

The loft rack, above the garage door, I built worked great, I had 3 of the 4 brackets constructed and put into place. I opened the door and it all looked great. I constructed the last bracket and loaded up the panels I was going to store there and stood in the middle of the garage with a sense of pride.

As I stood there all proud of myself, pressing the garage door opener to pull my car back into the garage, I heard a thud and the garage door closed back down.

I am such the idiot. I measured twice when the door was up...... but I never had taken into account that the door is higher as it flips into position. I was sooooo mad at myself for missing that detail.

So... at midnight I had to disassemble half of it to pull my car back into the garage. argggg. I didn't get done until 2 or so. Oh well.... live and learn. Poop.

So today..... I had taken the rest of it down, cut my 18 inch brackets down to 15 inches. This time I installed the bracket closest to the wall, opened the door and made sure it cleared it. Then I reassembled the rest of the darn thing.

When I was done, I had a much appreciated learning experience that I won't forget the next time I construct something from scratch :)

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