Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Garage - Purchased Ruby Ring & primer, trimmed rest of garage

Wednesday, May 10

Today was productive. I purchased my Ruby Ring red color paint and I finished trimming out the rest of the garage with the pebbled courtyard primer.

I had gone to Home Depot to purchase the Ruby Ring color, which is a Behr Paint color. The man behind the paint counter asked me if I had ever painted with red before. I said no and shrugged as I thought to myself "what's the big deal?". The man had gone on to tell me that red is one of the harder colors to paint, due to it's transparency. I thought to myself "um ok". I asked if he could tint the primer for it.

When he brought to primer and paint cans to show me, after mixing them, I was surprised to see the primer was pink. Not any pink.... it was like Pepto-Bismo pink. I just kinda looked at him and he said trust me... this is what Behr recommends as a primer for this color. So I shrugged and had gone on my way.

Well..... now I understand the whole transparent-red and pink primer thing. I painted 2 test spots on the wall. The first one was straight on the drywall and the second was over the primer. The plastered areas showed right through the straight paint area, while the area with the primer, yet lighter, didn't show the plaster. The primer basically evens out the light and dark areas to one tone.

Later on, I trimmed out the rest of the garage for painting the Pebbled Courtyard color for the ceiling and the garage door wall.

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