Saturday, May 27, 2006

Garage - Baseboard, Hose Reel

Saturday, May 27

Garage Trim....
Today was an I involved my Dad in a project of cut and installing baseboard for the garage. It was a little involved of a project due to the walls having a strip of wood sticking out below the drywall and above the pre-cast Superior Wall base.

Where it was the worst, I cut the strip down, using my handy dandy flush saw, but to do the entire way around would've been crazy, so Dad cut a rabbit (or grove) out of the baseboard to accommodate the strip sticking out.

We had to do a bit of custom work around the spigot. I decided to cut an angle out to kinda match the angles around the house. Then we nailed in place all the boards we had cut, but we still have one wall to go, which we'll have to do when we get the chance later.

The best part was finishing though..... food time. Dad picked up Mom and we all ate a scrumptious barbecue chicken meal Tim cooked up for us.

Hose Reel...
Also today I purchased another great invention for making life easier. A Suncast Swivel Hose Hideaway(R) Hose Reel with Smart TrakTM Hose Guide. This thing is awesome. I bought it from BJ's Wholesale.

Here's the reasons why I love it.... it's durable, it swivels, it has a hose guide that actually works! As I wind, it actually has a guide that moves back and forth, so that the hose isn't just winding in one spot, but distributed evenly along the reel. And... as an added bonus.... it matches the color and vertical look of our siding :)

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