Tuesday, May 30, 2006

European Pine Sawfly

Tuesday, May 30

I was doing some online research on my lunch break and found out what has infested our pine tree. They're called European Pine Sawflyies. They are a type of fly that lays their larvae on pine trees. They're apparently common in souther Ontario, Canada, which is very close to us.

Anyways, the larvae hatch in spring, eat the last years growth, cocoon, hatch into a fly and start the process all over. And I also read that they'll raise their heads and tails in a threatening manner.... which is exactly what they did when TIm and I were inspecting them.

I had taken my printouts to the nearest florist and the first thing the guy asked the pine came from Michigan. Apparently there's a quarantine going on in due to an outbreak of them. But our pine has been on the lot.

Anyways, he looked it up and gave me the pesticide to kill them. So when I got home TIm and I sprayed the tree and surrounding areas. We sprayed the surrounding areas cause yesterday I had the bright idea to knock them off the tree...... apparently that was bad. According to my research they will hatch, even on the ground and still lay the larvae. The best way to get rid of them is to either squish them, before they hatch, or pesticide.

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