Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Garage - as an entrance

Tuesday, May 2

Like the door trim, the front window in the garage also needed some straightening. I ripped off the trim pieces, made them all flush and straight, then Tim helped me nail and screw them back into place.

They were crocked due to the sh-- hanging job of the drywall. In some spots, I actually had to plain down the drywall, just to get the trim to meet flush with the window casement. I knew the drywall had issues, but not until I had done that did I really understand how crappy the hanging job was. Why is it no one cares about garage? I can see detached garages that no one ever sees, but this is an attached garage that we use as the main entrance for ourselves.

Tim had seen this article about the increased tendency for houses to have attached garages and owners enter through their garages. It stated that in most cases its it's bad chi, due to garages not being finished off and full of dirt and junk. I don't want bad chi when I come home. When I come home I want it to feel welcoming. So, that's my next project..... to make my garage something that has good chi.

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