Saturday, May 20, 2006

Garage - loft rack, cabinet, painted

Saturday, May 20

Loft storage rack...
We have several large pieces of plywood and larger materials left over from construct that I wanted to store out of the way. I've seen loft storage racks for sale, but they don't go up to the size I need... which is 4 foot by 8 foot. So I decided to build my own. And with Tim visiting family I have the perfect opportunity to construct it with his garage space empty.

I started by measuring twice, as my Dad taught me, and started cutting the brackets. I'm constructing out of the brackets used to support door openers. They're easy to use by just cutting them and bolting them together. I constructed the first couple of horizontal supports, then had taken a break, due to realizing I needed a few more supplies.

I gave the window wall it's first coat of ruby ring and the gave the right side wall it's 2nd coat.

Garage Cabinets.....
I decided to assemble the first of 2 lower cabinets I purchased for the garage storage. They're by Husky and were the inspiration of my red walls. When I was searching for cabinets, I decided I liked these and the red accent on them gave me the idea of painting the walls red.

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