Saturday, May 06, 2006

Garage - red paint & cabinet research, Poly, New growth

Saturday, May 6

Red Paint & Cabinets....
I feel like I live at Home Depot sometimes. Today I had gone there to do research....... on red paint and cabinets. Since I want my garage to have good chi, I decided to paint 2 walls red. Red is known to help blood flow and seen as warmth and welcoming. I want my garage to feel like that, since we'll be entering through it. So I researched red and brought home some swatches.

The other thing I was researching was cabinets. Home Depot is having a sale on cabinets by Husky. They're gray & black with a red accent....... perfect I thought. Now I just have to figure out what configuration I need.

Sand and Poly Garage Trim....
After doing research, I came home and started to sand the puttied trim in the garage and prep it for polyurethane. Tim helped me take out the front window. It's large and heavy, but thankfully easy to take out.

It was such a beautiful day, with a nice breeze, so the poly dried very quickly and I was able to give both door frames and the front window 4 coats. I feel so much better now that that they have poly on them protecting them.

Frosted Glass Design....
After I had done that, I worked on a short, but fun project. I purchased some frosted glass spray paint the other day that I wanted to test out in the 2nd bathroom.

First I drew on some blue painters tape some fish and coral, which I modeled after the design on the shower curtain. Then I then cut it out and masked off the bathroom window with it. I used the spray, which only had taken about 10 minutes to fully dry, then I peeled off all the masked areas and viola..... a frosted window with a tropical design :)

New Growth......
I little later on I was outside looking at our pine and noticed 2 things. Our pine has some nice new growth. The new growth is called candles.... and they are nice and fat and healthy looking. The other thing I noticed is that we have a robin's nest in the tree, which was cool to see. Hopefully in a couple of weeks we can watch little babies peaking out.

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