Monday, May 01, 2006

Garage - prepairing trim for poly

Monday, May 1

I little thing somehow always turns into a big thing for some reason.

I was walking into the kitchen, from the garage and noticed that the base trim, for the kitchen door was sticking out a bit, so I wiggled it and it fell off right in my hand. Apparently the nails either weren't long enough or missed any wood behind the drywall to hold it on. So, I took some really long screws and screwed that baby in. Then, since the base was snug, I then noticed that the door trim was sticking out past it. Well... that turned into fixing all the trim.

I don't know what it is about basements and garages, but they just get pasted over for quality by builders and contractors.

The trim wasn't as straight as it could've been due to the crappy drywall. So.... I went over all the door trim and straightened them up. Yep... it might be just a garage, but it also happens to be my entrance to the house and I want it to look nice.

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