Friday, April 15, 2005

Deck, lower walls and kneels

Friday, April 15

We officially have a wall..... or at least one wall that I know of, according to a pic my Mom had taken and emailed me. When I drove by the truck had just gotten there with large bundles of wood on them.

I had talked to one of the workers and he said that they'd be working on the decking (Advantech flooring), the knees (diagonal supports that strengthens the supports) and that by the time I got out of work, I'd have some walls.

I had to get to work at that point, but I decided to give Mom a call and ask the favor of swinging by and dropping off some donuts and coffee to the guys. There were a bunch of guys there and I figured I'd give them some treats to thank them for helping to build my little house :)

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