Thursday, December 22, 2005

Xmas tree is up!

Thursday, December 22

Last night we set up the xmas tree :)

First we cleaned a bit.... then we carried it inside and put it up. We originally had it by the stairs, which is were we always envisioned it to stand, but things are turn out different than what was envisioned. As it turned out, it felt like it obstructed the walking path too much, so we wound up moving it to the garage wall. There aren't any vents their and it will still be a good distance away from the fireplace. And..... it's nice, cause it's the first thing guests will see, when walking into the house. Plus.... on xmas morning we'll have that cool ambiance, by the fireplace going on :)

I also hung up some snowflake ordements and bows. It's fun, but at the same time tough, cause there's no set place for anything and I was just walking around going..... hmmmm.... how 'bout here.... hmmm.... how 'bout there..... nope.... how 'bout there :)

Tonight we'll be decorating the tree. I can't wait to hang ornaments. We got a bunch of fun colored ones at Ikea, when we had gotten the couch. Some of the fun colored ones are fuzzy :) Tim was teasing me that look like clown noses..... *shrugs*.... eh... I like 'em anyways :).

It's suppose to warm up, in the next couple of days, so hopefully we can get some lights on the big-bonsi "Helen Keller" tree, before xmas :)

If all works out.... we'll be able to move bed into the house by Friday. We were suppose to move on the same day, we had trucked in the couch, but they said that the silicon on the tiles needs no less than 72 hrs to set. They put silicone around the upper bathroom tiles on Wed the 20th, so if all goes well we'll be able to wake up in the house on xmas morning :) That's our newest goal....... we missed moving in by our wedding date, Halloween and Thanksgiving...... but it looks like xmas is one :)

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