Thursday, December 29, 2005

Garage opener, finishing bathrooms

Thursday, December 29

My Dad and my Brother rock! They actually installed our garage door opener while I was at work. With my busy season and trying to get everything else done, there's just not enough time in the day lately. We just haven't had the time to hook it up and they were good enough to do it for us.

My Brother brought over his propane heater and they worked during the day to install it. It's all mounted, but they'll be working again tomorrow to wire it up.

I payed a little extra and purchased a Craftsman, belt driven, opener. My co-worker, Paul, highly recommended it and I've also read great reviews on them for being very quiet.

With my schedule finally clear, from my day job and not having to work late, I finally had a chance to go xmas shopping. While I was out, I stopped by Linen-n-Things to shop for bath rugs. While I was there, I finally found the towel rods that appealed to me. They're by a company named Umbra, which I can proudly say is local.

They're great... lots of cool contemporary designs.... and I fell in love with these rods I found that Linen-n-Things carried and thought it was a decent match to the bathroom hardware and their shapes. I was very excited to finally see something I liked. That was the first thing I did, when I got home, was putting the tissue and towel bars in the upper bathroom.

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