Thursday, August 17, 2006

Front Yard - Rooftop pics

Thursday, August 17

Before leaving for work, I squeezed in time for some rooftop pics. Yep... climbed up on the roof, just for pictures. I just can't help myself.

I just wanted some shots that gave a great angle of things b4 all the landscaping started taking shape. Currently, the front yard is basically weeds and mud at the moment, but in the next come of weeks, that will all change. Off the driveway, we'll have a circle put in, so that visitors aren't playing leapfrog. In the circle, I'm going to plant a Magnolia tree in my Aunt Frances and Aunt Cynthia's names.

Tim was waiting patiently for his goofball wife to come down off the roof :)

Next to the driveway will have landfill brought in to build up the area between the driveway and the property line. Currently there's a 2 foot drop off by the garage that we'd like to get rid of. This area was the area that we moved the logs from.

The other area I wanted to take a pic of was the Pine tree. I wanted a decent angled shot, so that I could do a more detailed sketch of the sitting area.

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