Monday, August 28, 2006

Front Yard - Circle (redo)

Monday, August 28

After driving around the marked off circle area, my Dad suggested to move it more toward the driveway and doing such would give at least another foot to it. It's a pretty tight area, due to being between the house and tree, so we decided to take my Dad's suggestion and move it.

After I had left for work, Tim had gone and gotten some more inverted spray paint and painted new lines in red. He was able to move the markers 4 feet more towards the driveway and added an additional 2 feet to the diameter.

When I got home and drove around it, it felt a lot better. It was a much smoother turn, being closer to the driveway and having 2 extra feet.

This time on the roof, Tim climbed up there with me. He wanted to spray some wasp nests he had seen recently. We use the foaming kind, cause you can see where the spray hits. And I made sure it was vinyl siding safe, cause I've been told some kinds can stain and discolor siding, if it doesn't say safe for vinyl siding.

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