Sunday, January 15, 2006

xmas clean-up day

Sunday, January 15

It was so sad to see the decorations and tree it in the backyard. It was sad cause it still looked so nice... *sigh*. Tim actually had been bit-by-bit been taking down decorations over the last few days, but now that the tree is gone, the house echoes and looks so bare again. Xmas trees are an excellent sound dampening tool :)

I originally wanted to dig a hole in front and pretend that it was landscaping, as a joke,, but when we had gone to do it...... we realized that we had yet to get a garden shovel... *shrugs & rolls eyes*.... (mental note: add shovel to list)

After the initial sad moment of seeing the house without the tree, I quickly got back to work and started cleaning and organizing everything. Tim and I had a fairly easy time putting away the xmas stuff, since my parents had the awesome idea to get everyone xmas storage bins this year. Instead of having a pile for each on the floor, we all had our own storage bin containing our presents. It was a great idea..... then, not only did we have something to take our presents home in, but we now have them for our decorations.

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