Saturday, January 14, 2006

Circut breakers?

Saturday, January 14

Had a workout today running up and down stairs. I decided that before we plug anymore things into outlets to go through and figure out what is what on the circuit breakers. Our electrician was awesome and did label them, but in generic terms, like "lights and outlets".

This all started because I wanted to hook up the hall lighting fixtures, but couldn't figure out which switched turned off the hall electricity. So.... the morning entailed of me running up and down the stairs to figure out what was what.

I was so happy to finally switch out the place-holders for the hallway lights. They've been out of stock at Ikea, but were in stock on a trip my parents had taken there yesterday. We've just had the 99 cent ceramic bulb holders in their places up until now, just to pass code. They have a similar style to those we had used in the 2 spare bedrooms.

I also figured, since I was doing that, I'd switch out the standard colored light switches to the terra-cotta ones I found that match our walls. They are close to a perfect match as I think is possible.

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