Friday, July 28, 2006

Logs - cut and split more

Friday, July 28

It seems like there's no end to these logs.... arg.

Today my Dad came over with his brand spanking new chain saw to cut more of the logs, we want to relocate. He and Tim were cutting them, while I split them. I couldn't keep up though. It's been rainy and high humidity, so the log splitter was not cutting them as quickly. Elm trees are the worst. They are so stringy... like string cheese, but I've heard they burn very nicely though.

The split log stack is getting bigger and bigger... it's now 2 rows. Tim and I decided that we'd probably sell off some in the Fall. Considering we're only halfway done with splitting the logs, it'd take as long-long-long time to go through the pile, so we figured why not sell some and get a little extra cash.

Some of the logs are too big and cut. My Dad suggested that we use them for sitting areas, around the camp fire for now. I like that idea... they're a prefect size for that.

Anyways.... we quit at 8:45pm, so that Dad could go home and quickly change and come back for watching Stargate with us. It's fun to have a house..... I get to invite my Dad over for SciFi Friday's.

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