Sunday, July 09, 2006

Moving and stacking logs

Sunday, July 9

Since we now have defined where our left (North) property line is, we now have an idea how much wider we can make the parking area next to the garage. The problem is that when the trees were cleared for the house, that's where the crew, as well as us, tossed the logs. They've been out of the way, until now, but we have to move them, if we want more land fill there.

The easiest way my Dad found to stack logs is to stack them between two trees, using the trees as log racks. Unfortunately, the best place to do that has a freakn stump right between the tress. So, instead, I bought 4 green retaining wall posts and we'll use them in the same manor. Large (6-8 foot) log racks range anywhere between 150 and 600 bucks that I've seen. These posts were 6 bucks each..... and can be put anywhere we want.

So... Tim and I started to move the smaller logs that we could carry. The larger ones my Dad said he'd help us cut them up, so they're moveable.

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