Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tim moved logs, Log cart

Tuesday, July 11

Ok.... I have a crazy husband. When I got home today, I had the wonderful, yet crazy surprise of Tim moving a large section of logs by himself. He's crazy I tell you. Those were big freakn logs.

He said he wanted to give me a day off from work, so that I could relax tonight. He's such a sweetie.... crazy... but sweet. So... I relaxed with assembling another toy..... a log cart. I bought it from Harbor Freight. It can support about 200 lbs and has nice big jumbo bike wheels on it, for easy movability.

On a sidebar.... this item was left by the right side of the garage door. It seems as though anytime we have a delivery, they leave it in a new spot.... it's like a guessing game... where will the package be today :)

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