Saturday, July 08, 2006

Front Lawn and finding Property Lines

Saturday, July 8

We met up with Jerry today. Jerry was the plumber "we" hired to finish off the plumbing disaster. He has also become our excavator and final grade person. Anyways.... we met up with him this morning to chat about finally finishing off the front yard, which has been on hold due to budget.

Yes... to answer your question, the final grade, top soil and grass was originally in the budget, but due to fixing the plumbing issue, the rest of the budget had gone to fixing that unprofessional job. So, we had to put finishing off the front until now. We'd actually like to hold off a bit more, but the town is pushing us to finish it.

Anyways.... we discussed many things today, but the largest item was the front yard, which is currently a field of weeds knee hight at the moment. The weeds will be turned into a nice front lawn, with a possible graveled in circular driveway, which I had staked out this past week.

We also discussed more fill in the low spots. Jerry said he'll give us a quote soon. We also discussed putting more fill on the side of the driveway to our property line. Since our property is not a rectangle and actually a parallelogram, there's a good 15 feet more in front of our driveway that I'd like to use as parking space.

Unfortunately, the stakes have now been overgrown and we need to find them. I tried for almost an hour to find the right back property stake, I my own, but the brush and weeds have grown to 4-5 feet high and I couldn't find it.

After I admitted defeat, I decided to recruited Tim and my Dad to help. We found it by measuring from the left back stake the footage and arcing it until we found the right stake. Then we had to take a string from that one and work our way through all the brush and trees to line it up with the front one. It had all together taken us over 2 hours to find and cut down all the brush and weeds along the property lines.

When I was done, I made sure that we wouldn't loose track of that marker again.

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