Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Drainage - pipe crushed

Wednesday, July 19

Our plumber Jerry and his assistant, John, came to check out the drain issue today.

Tim was there at the time and emailed me on the progress. They ran a line through the conductor line and found that halfway to the road, from the house appeared to be crushed. They told Tim that the lines were laid prior to the fill coming in and they think trucks could have crushed them. Jerry said that normally the lines should be laid after the fill, but not everyone does that. Especially if G&K wanted to do it all in one day with the septic and lines.

*Roll eyes*..... figures.

Anyways.... Jerry said that since he'd be digging up the front anyways, for the circular driveway, topsoil, grass and it's a minimum expense, he'd just fix it for us and add it into the front cost. That way it'd be done and done correctly. So we gave the ok.

Oh... we also apparently have some yellow jackets nests in the grass, by the drainage pipe and under the stone overhang in the front of the house. John found the one in the grass, when he was looking at the drain pipe. Tim said John got stung a couple of times.... yikes. Tim immediately got some spray and sprayed the suckers. Yeah... just what we need.... yellow jackets stinging our "good" subcontractors...... why couldn't they go after the poopheads, like Joe or Sean?

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