Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Water backing up sub-pump

Wednesday, July 12

Today it rained...... a lot..... like Noah's Arch a lot. And we found out something interesting...... our sub-pump had to work overtime..... more than it should've been. Tim said it was turning on once every minute to minute and a half throughout the afternoon. It was recycling back into the sub-pump well. From the outside, the downspouts were bubbling up with water.... like the drain pipe was clogged. We'd blame it on the rain, but by the afternoon, it should've been draining and it wasn't.

To help the pump from overworking, Tim had bucketed out over 30 buckets of water to the backyard (which I know he'll be hurting from tomorrow). I purchased a little utility pump after work, but didn't get home 'til late. My Dad's 60th bday was today, so I got home after 10. The sub-pump was still running every minute, even after Tim's efforts to slow it. We quickly hooked up the utility pump and ran it out the basement window to the backyard. After 2 hrs, it finally was only running about every 5 or so minutes.

Tomorrow Tim will call Jerry to see if he has any ideas of what's going on.

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