Thursday, November 17, 2005

Spindles - done building

Thursday, November 17

After a nice long day at work, I met up with my Dad and Uncle Andrew to finish the spindles up. When I got there, they had just finished placing the landing's front spindles. They were all cut and ready to be glued in place.

My Uncle Andrew and I then started on measuring all the spindles for the last portion of the railing. I measured, then my uncle cut it and so on. After my uncle left, my Dad and I finished it up. In the middle of doing that, we also puttied and sanded the leaning railing. I call it leaning, cause we made it exactly the perfect comfort height for leading. And it became that very quickly. At one point my Dad was below when we started discussing something, and without even thinking about it, as I was looking down at him, I noticed myself comfortably leaning on the railing. It's great.... just the right height and width to lean your arm and hands on.

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