Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tiles - Durock board

Tuesday, November 29

Jim, our trim person, started on preparing the walls for tiles today. He installed a board called Durock Cement Board.

When we first asked him if he would do the tiles, he looked at the bathrooms and stated that the drywall people hadn't used, what he considered, as the correct boards, in the shower area. They used green board, which is better than regular drywall, but the best choice would have been Durock. It's a cement board, instead of plaster. Durock Cement Board is said to be a good as an water-durable ceramic tile base for tub and shower areas. Not only our trim guy mentioned this, but also the last time the drywall finisher worked, he had also mentioned that it would've been better if the hangers used it.

We then asked the drywall sub-contractor, Frank, why the hangers hadn't used it, since everyone knew we were doing tile. He said they don't do that and that you're tile person is suppose to do that. This made no sense to me, considering that the drywall would have to be ripped down, in order to use it....... so why wouldn't they have just used it to begin with is beyond me.

Anyways.... Jim ripped down the green board and installed the Durock, in both tub areas, in the areas that would be exposed to the most moisture.

When the walls are done setting, he'll be installing the tiles..... prob next week, he said. Until then, our tiles are waiting patiently, in the hall, to be used.

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