Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Temp tileboard & bank inspection

Tuesday, November 22

We found out yesterday... at least somewhat good news. Because the bank doesn't view our lower-level as living space, due to it being 4 ft under ground, they agreed that the lower bathroom doesn't need to be finished. This meant that all we had to do was install the tile-board on the upper bathroom.

They said all they needed was for it to look finished. So that's what we had done. Unfortunately, I had a very late day yesterday, at work and we didn't get to start until late.... and didn't finish til 4am. Oh how I love not getting sleep. It payed off though..... the bank appraiser approved of it..... now all we have to do is wait for the official ok, which they said will be tomorrow. Yeah!

Before the appraiser got there though, Tim worked, like a mad man to clean up everything and make it look homey. He ripped off all the blue tape, that we hadn't gotten a chance to do yet. While he was doing that, Jim and his crew came in and finished up the last bit of baseboard and trim work around the stairs.

It was so cool, when I had seen the house, after work. It looked so completely different, with all the blue tape off. When I get a chance, in the daylight, I'll have to take pics of everything.

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