Monday, November 14, 2005

Railing & Landing

Sunday, November 13

Today I started on the very exciting, but changing job of installing the dreaded diamond design on the landing. The reason why it was dreaded is because of the fact that I would have to cut out interesting shapes in these planks to get it to fit around the diamond shape.

My Dad still, to the very end, before starting, was trying to convince me to right angle it and make it square, instead of 45 it. In fact, at one point, yesterday, my Dad rotated it, when I wasn't looking. I figured something was up when my uncle was chuckling over something. But I was determined to have that at 45, to match the angle of the hearth and countertop.

At first, it was fairly easy, just straight 45 cuts. It was also easy, cause when my Dad cut the diamond design and laid it together, he had done an awesome job of cutting the miters. They are perfect, right on 45's. So... as long as my cuts are good, everything should line up. Well.... until, I get to where I have to band saw things.... then it's all about getting those lined up right.

It looks awesome so far though. I only have a few planks, but so far, so good.

While I was working on the landing, my Dad was working more on the railing and stair nosing. It just so happens, that the nosing we're installing on the stairs and the nosing we'll be installing around the edge of the landing is the same distance apart as a flooring plank. So, we were making sure that all lined up, so that we could use full planks and not have gaps or to cut them. Another thing my Dad was working on, was how the flooring and trim would fit and work around the posts.

On top of that, we were also fitting the spindles to see how they'd look. There's kind of a grove that the spindles fit into, then small pieces of wood fit in between them, spacing them out. We, at first taped them in, just to see what they'd look like, but as it turned out, my pieces of tape should've been bigger, cause one came un done and we had kinda an interesting domino effect happen with the spindles :)

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