Friday, November 18, 2005

Phone hookup, Temp CO, Bank inspection

Friday, November 18

I swear... whenever something good has happened, through this project, something else pops up just to make us crazy.

The Good...
Well.. that's obvious.... we had our phone hooked up today. I already had it programed into my cell as "Home", so when Tim called me, from the house, trying out the phone, it was very cool to see "Home calling" on my caller ID.

Temp C of O (Certificate of Occupancy)....
So... to back-track.... way back when we found out that our countertop needed to be re-ordered, due to a Barden mistake, the bank said they'd let us close on a temporary CO, with the amendment that we have the countertops installed.

Well.. today the town inspector came to inspect for temp CO. We passed everything and were told that we only needed an updated survey (which was on it's way) and that we can then get CO. We still needed to install the tiles (which were back-ordered), but with temp CO, all you need is the tub facet to be working, so we could still get temp CO.

That was good.... and we thought that the day would continue on that way..... nope.... the bank decided to throw us a curve ball.

They spontaneously today stated that the temp Co wasn't good enough. They had noticed that the plumbing had run over-budget (due to the plumbing issues) and decided that they wanted the house completely done..... including tiles.

Here's the problem.... our trimmer has a full schedule and won't be able to get to them, til next week sometime. We needed to come up with a solution, and fast, in order to get the bank to come and inspect, so that we could close on time.

My Dad suggested asking if we could put up something temporarily, that they'd approve of. We were told that would be fine, as long as it "looked finished". So.... that's what we'll be doing this weekend, is coming up with a temp solution. We have some compensation money from the tile place, which they were kind enough to give back to us, for the lateness, so we'll be using that to get a temp solution.

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