Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Handles & Locksets, Railing, Tiles, Landing

Tuesday, November 15

Handles & locksets......

So... I get this call, from our Barden dealer (Sales Associates of WNY) this morning that totally blew me away. It's so absurd it's laughable.

Apparently the door handles for our sliding glass door was never ordered...... ever. Our regular doors came from Therma-Thru, she explained, and our glass door was from Integrity and therefore the door handles aren't part of the package. Then she goes on to tell me that Mike payed for them out of pocket, cause it wasn't part of the package and that they were expensive.

So I'm listening to this and I just don't know how to react to this one. So I ask..... I don't understand..... why weren't the handles ordered anyways..... I mean... we need handles. I remember when we picked them at the model home and I even remember stating we wanted the satin nickel, after Mike showed us what they'd look like, on a door at the model home. to Mike. She didn't have an answer.

*raise eyebrow*.... what the heck??? I hope that they are not expecting me to thank them for purchasing the handles out of pocket. For all the grief and screw ups.... I should hope not...... please!

Also.... I found out our locksets should be in tomorrow. Hopefully this time, they are actually the correct ones. 2 f&*^&*^&* months of waiting... %^&%^*^&*.


While at work, my Dad and Uncle Andrew worked again on finishing the layout for the railing and spindles.

I received a call this morning that our glass tiles, that were delayed are ready for pickup.

After work, I worked hard to finish the flooring and diamond design on the landing, so that we can continue with the rest of the posts and spindles.

It's now my busy season at work, and it's starting to take effects on me.... I was pretty tired and had issues cutting those darn planks to fit correctly. One plank had taken me 5 tries, before I cut it correctly, but I plugged along and finally finished. I hadn't had a chance to nail them in, but it won't be that hard for my Dad or I to quickly do that tomorrow.

Even with it not nailed down, it was looking pretty darn cool, I must say. I love the fact that in the center of the design, we decided to use the vertical bamboo planks. We wanted to use them somewhere in the house. If I had a brain, I would've used the vertical bamboo around the heart...... but at least we used it on the landing.

Also.... we finally figured out a solution for how to support the end cabinets that hang out. In the original picture, that Tim and I were inspired by, there was a stainless steal tube supporting those cabinets. Unfortunately, our design required some modification to that idea... something that would not extrude on the counter space, as we were limited.

My Uncle Andrew came up with an awesome-awesome idea. He shot out the idea of a support handle, like for use with a handicaped bathroom. They are stainless steel and have a curve on the end, therefore could be screw directly into the half wall and thus leaving the counter free. What a great idea I thought.... so that's what we had done. So I had gone out, bought a 18" handle and my uncle Jan cut it for me to fit. The installed it today and it worked perfectly. It gives the exact look we wanted.

Starting to feel homey....
Way back in the begining of the year, I was so anxious about building that I started purchasing certain things that I knew we'd eventually need. One of which were stools. My Dad said to me that he was standing at the counter and he wished he could've sat on something. The stools have been in storage, but I decided it's time to bring at least one out.

I was going for something a bit more arts & crafts originally, but this style reminds me of a chair I used to have as a little kid. It pretty much looked the same, but it was chrome, instead of the black ones I found. I think they match great though and coordinate with the black trim in the kitchen.

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