Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Carpet installation

Wednesday, November 2

Carpet day... yeah!!!
This morning I had gone to the house to take some before shots. I figured I'd do one of those before/after things. The carpets totally give the rooms a completely different ambiance. Tim and I sat on the carpet, in the family room and hung out for a bit. I said to him that if we just don't look upstairs, we could pretend that the house is done. It was strange, looking at that empty carpeted room was almost as if we were back in time, viewing some empty house, when we were still looking at pre-existing homes. Or maybe it was just the new carpet smell getting to me :)

When we decided to have carpet in the lower-level, we both agreed to have the stairs carpeted. We wanted the lower-level to be our "cozy' area in the house and the stairs would be the transition, from the sleek, cooler hardwood feel, to a cozy feel.

We chose a berber looped rug. We wanted something that was tough and wouldn't show a lot dirt... and berber will do that. It's not extremely tight looped, so it's soft and comfortable to sit on..... and cozy feeling :)

There was no question as to having the family room carpeted. Not only did we want the cozy feeling, but since the floor is concrete, we wanted the carpet for warmth. And of course, carpet is a sound dampener.... for those times we want to crank up those DVD's :)

And the blue tape on the trim just makes it look even better... kidding :) ..... we'll be giving the trim one more coat of poly and then ripping those ugly blue strips off soonly.

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