Saturday, November 19, 2005

Locksets & hinges & pizza

Saturday, November 19

Well... the long time awaited even of receiving and installing our locksets finally happened today. Tim had picked up the satin nickel locksets we've been waiting for since June 9th , from Sales Associates of WNY, on Wednesday. We also finally have the 6th satin nickel hinge, we'd been waiting for as well.

We replaced the brass hinges, with the satin nickel, we had originally asked for, on the front, kitchen and back doors. The kitchen door, according to code, has to be self-closing, because of the attached garage. Very clever and interesting little gadget those hinges are. The have a spring inside of them. First it's tighten up by a allen wrench, then you insert a pin into a hole to keep it taut in place.

After that we finally were able to swop the temp locksets with the exterior satin nickel locksets (that were ordered incorrectly 2 times and had taken 5 months to be corrected, by Sales Associates of WNY, that don't match the other hardware)..... *roll eyes*.

We received 3 locksets and 2 dead-bolts, that we'll be using on the exterior doors. The handles are flared, just like the interior, but they have one other thing different, besides needing a key to open them, you also need the key to take off the handles. With the interior handles, the flares can pop off, just by pushing a little button, but the exterior ones are rigged so that the handles actually need the key inserted in it to take off the flares.

I never really thought about it, until we installed them. We found this out, when we needed to flip the flares, so that they pointed in the correct position. It's not really a big thing to write about, but I thought it was a cool little detail, that I never really thought about before.

We decided to hold off installing the lockset on the front door, cause our heating sub-contractor still needs to install the humidifier, that they had forgotten to do. Also, they'll be installing the vent, for our dryer as well. They can just use the lockbox on the temp lockset and then we'll install our lockset, after that.

It felt so nice to finally at least have the lockset issue behind us. Now all we have to wait for is the satin nickel sliding glass door handles, that we've been also waiting 5 months for.

Ok... now a good moment...
Today we used the stove, for the first time. Nothing big, we just heated up pizza, but it was the first thing we ever used the stove for, so it was a memorable moment. It was fun using the digital timer..... and it even counts down for pre-heat. We ate it on paper plates, while siting on the carpet in the family room and even watched some TV :) It felt nice........ and felt very homey :)

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