Thursday, November 10, 2005


Thursday, November 10

The bad.....

Way back, on June 9th, Mike had called me to pick out our door handles. He had mee look at their website and choose. We chose satin nickel flared levers, from the Yale Lock Norwood Collection. Well... here we are 5 months later and we still haven't received our exterior lock sets. On that day, I asked Mike why we had brass hinges on the exterior doors, instead of satin nickel. He replied that they didn't make them in satin nickel and to steel wool them, until the nickel shows.

Two months ago, I found out they did make satin nickel hinges..... and found out that Mike had ordered brass exterior door handles. Not only that, but we still hadn't received our sliding glass door handles either. We then asked them to re-order them... correctly that this time.

Today.... finally.... finally we were told our handles were in., Tim had gone to pick up the box. Now.... do you honestly think it was correct?..... no! Two months of waiting and it was WRONG..... again.

What we received were 6 interior door handles, only 5 hinges out of 6 and no sliding glass door handle. We were so pissed. Tim then called and left a message on the machine at our Barden dealer and basically said.... I'm leaving this message tonight, so that you'll have an answer for me, when I call tomorrow morning.

The good...

There was a good side of today. We did wind up installing some of the interior handles (those were ordered correctly). We installed the handles on all the upper doors and bathrooms. We had to hang the door for the lower bathroom first though. We're really happy with our choice, cause they give a nice sleek look to the doors now


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