Friday, May 06, 2005

Vents & furnace resolved, fireplace issue

Friday, May 6

At 9:30 AM we had a meeting onsite with our forman, Joe and the furnace guy onsite today, to resolved the vent and furnace issues we had. And to do this, I actually got to work early, so that I could not have to make up too much time. This thoroughly amused people that know me, cause.... I am soooo not a morning person.

But annnyways....
The first issue was the floor intake, by the lower-stairway, and it's been resolved by moving the vent from that stairway to the wall next to the upper-stairway. We walked the path and found that was an area that would be out of the way and still in a proficient spot.

The master bed vent was a little more difficult, at first,, due to me either not being clear or the furnace guy not catching on. I decided to just be blunt and say that either no air will come out as the back board will completely cover it.... or I'll have to moved the bed at least 2 feet away from the wall, in order to not cover it..... which I don't want to do.... so it needs to go somewhere else. I didn't get anymore resistance after that.

The last thing was the furnace, which they had decided to put directly in the middle of the basement, which would bad area to us, given the compact size of our basement. He stated bluntly that that's the most efficient place to put it, to which I said, (with a raised eyebrow), com'on... this is a 14,000 sq. foot split-level, with a small basement...... maybe if this was a 24,000 sq. foot ranch that's really long, it would make a huge difference. He kinda looked at me, looked down-into the basement, looked back at me and said ok, we'll just have to extend the vents a bit more.

So... all the vent issues have been resolved and the furnace will be place toward the back wall. Our washer/dryer will probably go in that area too, as well as our hot water tank..... all nicely in their places :)

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