Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Vent & furnace placement issues

Wednesday, May 4

Now that we had such a great experience with meeting the electrician, I wish everything could go that way. With the electrician, he walked us through each room and us being so hands-on, we really appreciated that.

Today, I appreciated that even more after we had seen that there were several heating vents in bad spots. I believe that vents have to go in areas that are the most efficient and/or available, yet I also believe that we should have at least somewhat of a choice according to what works for our layout our personal efficiency, as well. Unfortunately, we hadn't been walked through where they'd be ahead of time.

The main issue I had was the main intake on the 1st floor had been cut out of the floor in the dinning area, right next to our down stairway. The first thought that came to mind was seeing one of my girls, in high-heels, on my wedding day trip on it. My 2nd thought was of the fact that would be a high traffic area, where I really didn't want a 6"x30" vent on the floor.

Another issue was the note I read, written on the flooring, in marker, noting that the furnace would go in the center area of the basement. For me, being small, every inch of the basement is detrimental and can't be wasted. I completely understand the efficiency of being in the center, but being a compact split-level house, I believe that gives tolerance for being off center a bit, which larger houses could never get away with.

The last thing was a vent had been installed right where my pedestal bed was going and even though I understand that would've been an efficient spot, my bed would've completely blocked the vent, no matter what.

It's just very strange, cause I had given Mike a diagram I had drawn months ago for vents that needed to be revised, due to them being in unworkable areas for us, but maybe that was never passed onto the heating people. It was also strange that no meeting was set up, prior to installation, like we had with the electrician. Hopefully we can get these issues resolved before anymore work goes into it.

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