Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Plumbing starts, met Electrician

Tuesday, May 3

Tim and I met up at the site to meet our electrician today. Plumbing also had started today and we both cringed a bit when we had seen our poor concrete floor in our lower level with a jack-hammered trench into for plumbing.

Unfortunately, the plumber had been hired after the floor was poured, so they had to jack-hammer it. We were told that the floor will be patched and smoothed out. It frustrated us a bit to know that we no longer have sub-floor in one piece. It's a shame they hired the plumber after the concrete was poured.

The plumbers had a job chopping into the floor, as they wound up hitting tree roots that were missed, when clearing the land. We were told had taken 2 hrs to jack-hammer through that sucker.

I was quite amused by the plumbers collection of tubes

The Electrician...
I liked the electrician a lot. To me, it was the least stressful thing we've done or so far. He walked us through each room and had gone over everything one by one. We were asked or told where every plug, switch and fixed would go.

And as advised, by a friend of the family, I added a few extras..... like a plug by the mantel and switches on the 2nd floor for outside lights for convenience, as well as adding a couple more plugs in the garage and exterior.

Just a little tidbit....
Over the course of the construction, I've noticed that any notes are and ideas have been hung around. I never thought about how much stuff the guys probably have to remember and organize. Basically, they just nail the notes or draw directly onto a nearby board.

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