Monday, May 23, 2005


Monday, May 23

Other than the cleanup issues I had about the hangers, it looks great! I looks soooooo different. It echos again. It used to echo, before the insulation, now it echos again. It's funny how different surfaces absorb sounds differently.

Annnyways... I love the openness of the great room, including the living, dinning and kitchen rooms. I love the vaulted ceiling with the sim-skylights.

I love the added design quality that the master bedroom has with the sim-skylights in the ceiling.

The bathtub partition wall will have a cutout, at the top of the wall, to let in light into the tub area from the window. I got the idea from a Chiasso catalog.

The 2nd bedroom, which will be our computer room is a more cozy room in size, esp with the drywall in place, but the window makes it feel a lot larger. I can't imagine the room with a traditional sized window. It will also have a, distant, but nice view of backyard, from the kitchen window, from the doorway.

I can't wait 'til the fireplace is drywalled.

Although I liked the openness of the downstairs, before drywall, when you could see through the walls, I'm glad it's closed in and will give us a hideaway spot.

The furnace has been installed and like the furnace guy had said, the vents do run from end to end, but it's very streamlined and organized.

Our garage will be a finished garage. They have such cool garage organizers these days, like over the door shelves and such, so we should be able find some cool stuff to keep all of our stuff in order.

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