Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Inspection, Power hook up

Tuesday, May 17

We received good news today....

First the building inspector ok'd the framing. Yesterday i received a call from Joe, our forman, saying that the framing would be inspected today and that, typically, the inspectors find at least 1 thing that needs to be revised. To our surprise, we found out today, they did not. So.... things are a go for continuing on with construction.

Joe was laughing though and said that we've definitely broken the mold...... with not only our ideas and designs we've come up with, but now with the inspector and that this is a first, for him, to have the framing go off without a hitch.

The other good news is that we now have power. I was told that the meter was hooked up today. So now we can plug things in if we are working after dark.

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