Sunday, May 15, 2005

Pipe Insulation

Sunday, May 15

I got this great tip from my coworker about insulating the copper water pipes. He said that when he built his house, he bought foam insulation tubes for his water pipes and as a result, he has very a quiet flow of water through is pipes. I thought... what an awesome idea.

Yesterday, I had gone to the site and had taken a rounded off measurement of how much, then Mom and I picked up a bunch of 6' pipe self-sealing insulation for 1/2" pipes at HomeDepot. Although, when Dad, Mom and I had gone to the site and started wrapping the pipes, I realized that there were just a couple of pipes that were 3/4", so Mom and I had gone back to HomeDepot to exchange a few for larger ones.

Of course the 3/4" self-sealing (SS) insulation, we were looking for, was empty on the self, but we had seen more stock way-way up high on the rack. And... of course we found an employee to help us, that apparently suffers from mindset of "women don't know sh--". Either that... or he just didn't feel like getting his butt up a ladder. He laughingly kept trying to tell us that the high box wasn't what we were looking for, even though it had the correct item # on it and even after we pointed that out to him.

He finally climbed up there and got it for us, but all the while subtly still protesting. We were correct though, and I got my 3/4" SS pipe insulation.

This morning, we had gone back to the site and finished up the work. There were some interesting areas that we had to get creative with, while dealing with lots of pipes with corners and around beams, but it all worked out fine.

At one point, I the pipe I was working on gently knocked against the a beam. It made a wa-wa-wa-wa noise and my Mom said what was that? I said.... that noise is one of the reasons why we're doing what we're doing. That noise is what happens when the water runs through the pipes as it expands/contacts or vibrates due to pressure.

After we were done, I didn't even have time to clean up the house really, cause I had to fly home, clean up and meet up with Tim for Pre-Cana retreat today, for our upcoming wedding. I tell ya... it's been getting more and more interesting lately with our wedding getting closer and closer and not flipping out while dealing with the construction process, but we're trying our best nut to bite each other's heads off too much :)

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