Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hidden Path - Planting Bed

Sunday, June 15

When I planted last year, there were certain things I wasn't too savy about.... deer resistant for one, another was the whole sun/shade plant thing. Most of the plants I've gotten are full sun and are in the perfect spot, but the lime coral bells are shade loving. So... I moved them to a nice shade spot.

I created a little triangular planting bed, at the entrance of our hidden path, where our sunflower garden stake is. I transplanted the 2 poor sun burnt coral bells and planted a Japanese Painted fern there. Hopefully they'll perk up.

I also made a temporary planting bed for the Pussy Willows Tim's parents gave us. We'll make a more permanent area when we construct the fire pit area. I noticed the are was starting to get taken over by weeds, so this we take care of it for a while.

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