Friday, June 13, 2008

Planted Aunt Frances' Wild Geranium

Friday, June 13

There's a large percentage of my new found love for gardening comes from my late Great Aunt Frances. She had such a green thumb. She was kinda like a 2nd grandma to me. Her and my other Great Aunt Cynthia lived downstairs from my Grandma and I spent just as much time with them as my Grandma.

My Aunt Frances had a wonder sense of gardening. Profuse flowers evvvverywhere in the yard and a pristine lawn that felt like velvet. There are certain plants I always think about when I think of her... Magnolia trees, Snap Dragons and Hens and Chicks (I used to love the strange feel of the Hens and Chicks when I stepped on them as a kid... I don't know why).

My Mom recently gave me a part of a plant, from her garden, that was passed to her from my Aunts garden. It's a Wild Geranium cut-leaf (Geranium dissectum). It gets these little pink flowers and has these very cool delicate leaves. In time it will fill in and become very full and dense. I planted it next to my Magnolia tree and the Hens and Chicks.

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