Sunday, October 23, 2005

Bamboo - dining room (landing)

Sunday, October 23

In the early afternoon, my parents cut and laid out the rest of the dinning area and landing for the sub-level stairs. It looked great.... all I had to do, is nail them into place. Well, actually, first, a couple rows have to be removed, then the other rows moved out of the way a bit. One of the drawbacks with working with a diagonal layout is that to work ahead and place rows, in order to figure out the layout, the rows actually have to be put in place, in order to get the correct measurements. Then they have to be taken apart, in order to nail them in place.

Annnyways... the dining area is complete now... and looks awesome. The landing has a piece of the inlay plank, to match the hearth. I wanted it there, not only as a design element, but to catch the eye and have the fact that there is a step there stand out.

While I was nailing the floor into place, Tim was continuing with painting the doors. Then, later on, in the evening, I had gone through the house doing paint touch-ups. Mostly in the bathrooms, so that they are ready next week for the linoleum to be installed.

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