Sunday, October 30, 2005

Appliance Delivery

Sunday, October 30

We have appliances! Yeah!

We purchased them from Orville's on the 22nd. All of the items were in stock, that day, but we had to wait for the slide-in stove to arrive. The delivery truck from Orville's arrived around 4:30 pm or so. It was their last stop, the driver had said. There were 2 delivery guys that moved everything. It was amazing watching how easy they make it look to move these heavy objects around, like it was nothing.

It was interesting watching them wheel the washer and dryer in. I felt badly for the deliverers.... they had to wheel both those suckers down to the sub-level, then down again, to the basement, but they seemed to have little trouble doing it. Afterward, I got a chuckle. It was laughable seeing the washer and dryer in the basement. Here are these 2 modern looking items in this unfinished dusty basement. They looked so out of place, it's funny.

I can't wait to use my front-loading washer! It also comes with a rack you can use and put sneakers on to dry..... just makes me wanna go step in a puddle, so I can use it :)

Then, I had seen the one walk up to the kitchen door, with a tape measure and then look up, toward the fridge, that just was unloaded out of the truck. He looked back at me and I knew..... those doors had to come off. It was no biggy though..... they just unscrewed them and brought it inside. They wheeled it near it's place and reassembled it, then assembled all the shelves and draws inside.

After the delivery, I decided to do some painting... not interior though. I purchased some spray paint for the ugly white tubes and suck sticking out around the exterior.... like the ugly white plastic drains that the gutters fit inside of. Also, I've been meaning to get up on the roof and paint that ugly shinny aluminum top to the chimney, which stands out, like a sore thumb. (why does a sore thumb stand out anyways?... does it stand out to other people, or just you, cause it's sore? *shrug*)..... annnyways..... So... I got to see the neighborhood, from the roof at sunset... and et me tell ya, it was spectacular, with the fall foliage :)

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