Monday, October 31, 2005

Linoleum Installation & Countertop delivery

Monday, October 31

I had taken the morning off for tow big events today... (well... other than being Halloween), the countertop finally was delivered and our linoleum installation.

The delivery truck from the counter place arrived at about 10:30am or so. He unloaded the counters in the garage and leaned them on their sides. He also picked up the temporary counter that Barden lent us.

On Oct 3rd I received a call, from the kitchen division of Barden. The wrong countertop had been ordered. There was a black strip of black color on the edge of the beveled edge, that I had wanted on it. It had been ordered without it, for some reason. They were willing to order us the correct one, unfortunately it wouldn't arrive for 4 weeks. So, for 4 weeks, we waited patiently while on order. In order to do this, we actually had to extend the construction loan 3 weeks..... and be charged fees for it.

We were willing to do this for one reason..... well 2.... first, I want what I had ordered.... 2.... it looks freakn awesome!!!!

Dad came over, after it was dropped off and we put it in it's place, to see how it looks.... well...... I'm soooo glad we stuck to our guns and had them re-order it.

Also today, we had our linoleum installed. Before he installed it in the lower bathroom, he had to even out the floor with a special feather product. It goes on, like a thin layer of concrete and kinda smooths out uneven surfaces. We needed this due to the lovely aftermath of Sean, our original plumber, when he jack-hammered through the concrete.

He also put a layer of plywood, over the sub-floor, in the upper bathroom, then installed the linoleum over it. I wasn't there to see the actual installation, cause after that I had to leave for work, but an interesting thing happened I had left, but forgot something, then had gone back to and when I walked back inside, I caught the installer admiring the beveled black edge of the countertop. That felt really great reassured me that the wait for the counter was worth it :)

Later on, after work, Tim and I had gone to the house to work..... and be there, just in case we got our first trick-or-treater. We had been working for a bit, during which I told him how nice the linoleum looked and how nice it was to finally have it installed. Then, he said something I hadn't even thought about...... he said to me that there was one bad thing about having the linoleum installed. When I asked why, he responded with... now we don't have a toilet. I had forgotten that the linoleum installer had to move the toilet. Damn, I thought. Lucky, my parents live close.

Around 7 or so, the door rang. We had gotten our first ever trick-or-treaters! They were soooo cute. The one little girl was dress as a polar bear. It was a puffy custom, that seemed to be filled with air. It was really adorable.

A little while after our treaters, our plumber, Jerry stopped by. He said that he'd have his crew install the upper toilet, re-install the lower one tomorrow and have our upper bathroom sink installed soon, with the fixtures. He also mentioned that he's been keeping our fixtures safe, at his house, since those are are easily the fist to go, if someone wants something, cause they're a carriable item. The went on to say that he's been stopping by, every once and a while, looking in on things, since he so close.

At that point, I felt relieved, once again, that we discontinued the services of poop-head Sean and hire Jerry. It's nice to know that someone is looking out for us.

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