Thursday, October 27, 2005

We have heat!

Thursday, October 27

We have heat! And a/c.... not that we want to use the a/c right now, but heat yes... we don't want to freeze while working anymore. And it was soooooo nice to walk into a cozy warm house :)

Our thermastate is cool. It's digital... the kind that can be programed to turn on the heat, so that the house is nice and cozy, when we get home :)

Here's the thing though.... it's always something, ya know. So the heating/ac people came by and hooked up the heat and installed all the ceiling and wall vents, although they forgot the vent covers in both bathrooms.... and the freakn gave us an old vent in the master bedroom. It's dirty and has scratches all over it.... *roll eyes*. I was like.... I payed yay money to have an old vent.... IIIII don't think so. So Tim called them and they'll be coming out to put vent covers in the bathroom and replace the one in the bedroom.

But.... we have heat! :)

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