Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Tuesday, October 25

We originally were going to go with 6x4 tiles, from Home Depot. There had kind of a marble pattern to them. We never had seen a display of them, only the ones on the selves. Then, when we were getting ready to order some up, I had seen a display at another Home Depot location and realized they didn't look that good next to each other at all. The marble pattern was actually a bit over powering.

So then we pondered and pondered over what else we wanted. I started doing research on-line and realized there are soooooo many different tiles out there I got brain fried looking at the varieties. There's ceramic, stone, slate, terra-cotta, metal and glass...... glass?.... yep.... they even make glass tiles. So I had gone a glass tile on-line hunt. And within that, there are so many kinds I got even more brain fried.

Glass is cool, but expensive, so we decided to use glass mosaics as trim. I found Tiles International, a local store that sells what I had seen online. The tiles are manufactured by a company called Original Style (originalstyle.com).

Tim and I had gone to Tiles International, had seen the tiles in person and both fell in love with them. They're from a collection called Offset Sky Mixed Clear Mosaics. They are 1"x1" tiles laid up on a 12"sqr sheet. They can be cut apart and used as trim. We choose the Hudson mix, which is a mix of muted blues and aquas. Here's the best part... they are frosted, just like our sink handles. They give the same smooth to the touch feel and will match the style we're trying to create nicely.

We also chose, for both bathrooms mixed colors of 6" tiles. We decided not to go with traditional same colored tiles and go with 3 different hues of blue for the upper bathroom and 3 hues of neutrals for the lower bath. Both will have the same colored glass trim tiles (cause they had to be purchased as a case, not single).

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